What if you hit the pause button for a weekend to recover your soul and a clearer vision for your days? 


What if over the course of a weekend, you rediscovered the value you bring to your home?


What if you had a renewed plan for your days without starting from scratch?   



Hello! I'm Bethany.  


With well over a decade of mothering, homeschooling, writing, and research, I have offered supportive encouragement to thousands of women internationally, hearing their familiar pain points in each of our conversations. Uncertainty. Discouragement. Overwhelm.  Beneath the nuance of our lives as women, one question seems to rise to the surface in all of us in some form–

How do we do it all? 

Of course, the most obvious reality is that we don't do it all; rather, we learn to do the most important. And that requires attention and clear vision. I created this retreat to offer you both. 

Come, recover your life.



This weekend is an invitation to slow down a bit and remember who you are and where you're going. It's an opportunity to receive the pause you need and also put some ideas on paper. It is space to clear the weeds and notice what steals your time and attention in your days. Ultimately, it's encouragement for the path forward